When you're dancing you're not focused on any of life’s serious concerns - you're just thinking about ... dancing.   ~Bill & Linda

•  Improve your health with exercise equivalent to any athletic activity.

•  Share an active social life with your spouse, partner or friend.

•  Raise your self-confidence at social functions or on your next cruise.

•  Make new friends at dance parties, practices and classes

•  Look marvelous and at ease on your wedding day.

The studio offers class, private and semi-private lessons from Beginner to Advanced in either American or International Styles of dance. There are no contracts and students are not required to pay for a minimum number of lessons.

Dances are held four times each month for students to socialize, practice and have fun with their newly acquired skills.

Dinner dances are held for special occasions such as Valentines day, Studio Christmas party and New Years Eve.

No contracts and no limits on what we can learn.
We learned more in the short time we have
been here than any other place.   ~Joan and Anthony

You are the reason we are still dancing 14 years later.   ~Rachel Schulz

Our classmates and teachers make learning to dance
a fun, healthy and social activity!    ~Maryann Geary